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Shauna Gilley

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I would love to play a major role on your journey to wellness.
I have been a massage therapist since July of 2011. It is the best decision I have ever made! I have confidence in my profession and will listen to your needs so I can give you a great session. I offer a range of therapies from relaxing to deep work, including medicupping. I am blessed to be able to help people and this is why I love my line of work.   
I learn more each time I work with a new client. Everyone is different, so every session is different. I promise to listen with my heart, hands, and intuition. I promise to give each session my all with care, sensitivity, and awareness. When I walk into my treatment room, the client is my only concern. Everything else shuts off so I can focus on the client. I believe this is my calling and I will do anything I can to help my client during our session time feel better than when they walked in the door.  Book your appointment today, and know the worth of your wellness!! Thanks and I hope to see you soon!